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Why Tokyo Olympics 2020 were “commercialized”

It was revealed that organizing the Tokyo Olympics 2020 was a big challenge; and athletes and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) expressed worries to the Games Organizing Committee; which is in charge of management.


The spirit is “peace in sports”

The Olympic Charter is a codification of the essential standards; rules and by-laws of Olympism embraced by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). At the end of the day; it alludes to the standards that specify how the Olympics ought to be and how they ought to be run. Iida) It is regularly depicted as an “Olympic harmony celebration;” yet does that imply that the Olympic Charter consolidates the thoughts around it? Kasuga) Well; the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was set up in 1894; and what it requested was “how about we make the world quiet with sports.”

Since that period was not long before the flare-up of World War I; there was an extremely upsetting climate wherein the world was battling for its own country. A French teacher named Baron Pierre de Coubertin who needed to take care of business; however there was an Olympic Games in antiquated Greece where he had the possibility of ​​a détente.

Around then; uncovering was advancing; and it was when different things came out; so I realized that I was truly doing it there. The International Olympic Committee was set up with the possibility that if we would recapture the current time of holding a games contest where we accumulate with weapons once like clockwork; we could possibly beat the emergency that could prompt a condition of war. It implies that we will set up and make the Olympic Games. Simultaneously; Coubertin himself drafted the International Olympic Charter in 1899; which turned into the premise of the Olympic Charter.


Tokyo Olympics 2020

Official website for the 2020 summer Olympic Games in Japan (23 Jul-8 Aug, 2021).

The soul is about “sports and harmony.” Iida) In the possibility of ​​”peace in sports”; when you take a gander at the set of experiences after that; the part that was helpless before different history … (1916) Berlin Olympics; 1940 Tokyo There is a set of experiences that the Olympics have been dropped; however did you have a section to gain from that; or a section to join? Kasuga) The fundamental thought has not changed. At the end of the day; harmony once at regular intervals To hold a celebration of. Olympiad is once like clockwork; yet the principal year of Olympiad is the Olympics; and essentially around then the thought is to enjoy a reprieve; so I’m doing that … So; in Berlin in 1916; it was dropped in World War I.

In 1940; it should be done in Tokyo; yet due to issues in Manchuria; militarism returned (held). After that; in 1944; it was unrealistic in World War II; and actually it was impractical in case there was a conflict. Notwithstanding; in spite of the fact that it has not been done; I have left the quantity of Olympiads for quite a while; and we have left “I need to do it; I need to reveal to you this détente”. One might say; that likewise prompts the possibility of ​​anti-war. In that manner; different issues are continually battling against society and the world; so one might say that it is battling against legislative issues; however in that; we plan to interface individuals through sports with trust. The Olympic development is that we have not abandoned going.