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Taliban has just shaken USA and Allies

Taliban forces successfully surrounded the Afghan capital; Kabul on Sunday (15/8/2021) as the United States (US) was evacuating diplomats from its embassy by helicopter. Taliban Successfully Enter Afghanistan’s Capital


Taliban News

Two photos of President Joe Biden this week flawlessly represented the White House’s battle to contain the aftermath of the greatest emergency of his administration.

In the main; he sat alone at Camp David; gazing upwards at a bank of video screens encompassed by 18 void cowhide seats. Indeed, even some White House authorities puzzled over whether the symbolism; remembering him for a polo shirt; was useful.

After three days; when Biden was once again at the White House; the image was entirely different. He sat in formal attire at the top of the Situation Room gathering table; veil hanging off one ear as he glowered toward the collected individuals from his public safety group. A similar group gathered a day after the fact to “oversee endeavors in Afghanistan;” the White House said.

Biden has wound up got for the current week in probably the most incredibly desperate days of his seven-month-old administration; blamed for seriously bungling the finish of America’s longest conflict even by a portion of his most dependable partners at home and abroad.


Latest Update

The White House has mixed to clarify the disarray in Afghanistan through briefings; discourses and meetings – even as Biden himself stays disobedient in his choice and demands the American public are behind him.

Up until this point; the President’s reflexive reaction to the emergency to avoid fault and reject analysis has done little to calm the inquiries whirling regarding whether he appropriately ready for the Taliban’s takeover. It has discolored what had been a cautiously sharpened picture of ability; and Biden’s own clarifications for what occurred – that the turmoil was inescapable and the Afghan armed force was at fault – misrepresent the sympathy that is his boss political trademark.