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Taliban Accused of Shooting Dead Pregnant Afghan Policewoman

The Taliban allegedly gave dead a pregnant Afghan cop at her home in Firozkoh.

Various family members told the BBC that at first; three shooters visited the place of the police officer named Banu Negar on Saturday (4/9).


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They scoured Negar’s home; then; at that point; tied the hands of his relatives. The three men then; at that point; beat Negar and shot the lady dead before her significant other and youngster.

The BBC doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the subtleties of the episode in light of the fact that many individuals would prefer not to shout out. They fear being designated by the Taliban on the off chance that they try to shout out.

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Be that as it may; a portion of Negar’s family members showed photographs showing blood splattered on the divider toward the side of a room. There are likewise photographs of bodies whose appearances are unrecognizable.

Nonetheless; the representative for Takiban; Zabiullah Mujaheed; said that his gathering was not engaged with the occurrence by any stretch of the imagination.

“We know about the occurrence and I can affirm that the Taliban didn’t kill him. Our examination is as yet continuous;” Mujaheed told the BBC.


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He additionally focused on that the Taliban had reported they would acquit individuals who worked for the past government.

Mujaheed additionally speculated that Negar’s homicide was identified with “individual matters or something different.”

This news comes in the midst of public worries about the undeniably abusive disposition of some Taliban individuals towards ladies after the gathering took power in mid-August.

Since taking force; the Taliban has kept on building a picture as a more lenient gathering. Notwithstanding; various reports of their severity in limiting ladies are as yet arising.

Various eyewitnesses have likewise started to track down the indications of the Taliban to lessen the job of ladies. Toward the finish of last week; Kabul was stunned by the information on various ladies who set out to arrange exhibits before the Taliban troops.

The Taliban permitted the exhibits for the sake of uniformity and opportunity of articulation. Notwithstanding; various ladies who went to the exhibition said the Taliban terminated poisonous gas as they attempted to cross the scaffold to the Presidential Palace.


Source: Reuters and CNN. Stay tuned for more international news about Taliban.