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No More Sci-Fi movie?

This has to rank as one of the all-time great sci-fi films ever made. It’s one of the most visually striking movies within the genre. It has a truly mind bending plot that teases the mind. People tell me the plot doesn’t make sense. I tend to disagree. If one concentrates enough everything is there. On repeated viewing it becomes all the more clear. World Health Organization warns Coronavirus¬†disease situation dashboard presents official daily counts of¬†COVID-19 cases and deaths worldwide.


Sci-Fi movie

The performance by Bruce Willis still ranks as the best and most vulnerable he has ever given. The writers David and Janet Peoples have given Terry Gilliam a script that ranks up there with the best, if not the best within the time travelling genre. I’m eager to see the script that these two writers are penning for Christopher Nolan when he directs the tv adaptation of “The Prisoner” to film. That surely will be the movie event of that particular year to watch out for. These two writers have been responsible for some of the great films of cinema, from “Blade Runner” “Unforgiven” to “Twelve Monkeys” and now “The Prisoner”.


This is such an under-rated movie in the Sci-Fi movie genre, perhaps because it is more about the underlying themes than wowing us with big-budget special effects and explosions to keep the MTV generations attention for longer than 2 seconds. The script is astoundingly well written and perfectly expanded from the French short story it was based upon. Stephen, don’t feel bad, the movie itself is fairly confusing, but it’s meant to make you think rather than just throw the answers to life the universe and everything at the viewer. It jumps around quite a lot, mixing things up to keep the audience on their toes until they are at the point whether they too start doubting what is real and make-believe and whether this is all just a delusion. Watch the movie (a few times) and see if it makes more sense then.


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Agreed. One of my all time favorite. The plot, sub plots and story are very deep and require an attentive viewer. This isn’t something you watch or read on a lazy Sunday while you are only 1/2 interested. I found the story to be mysterious and suspenseful. If it’s confusing or you don’t understand it, I agree with Bungo- watch it again. All the answers are there and the story wraps itself up nicely. I particularly like the last line of the movie, “I’m in insurance.” Brilliant.